What Should I Do?

This is a free interactive program designed to help you figure out how you can best respond if your partner says or does something (or is saying or doing something) that you don’t like or agree with. The program is based on studies that have identified the habits of people who are good at getting their partners to be responsive to their concerns. There is a core set of habits shared by such people and thanks to decades of relationship research, we now know what these habits are. The program will help you interact with your partner in a way that will increase the odds that he or she will be open-minded and flexible, and will care about your feelings and opinions.

Use the program to help you:

  • prepare to discuss a dissatisfaction you have with your partner,

  • plan for a conversation in which you know that your partner will be bringing up a complaint, or

  • regroup after a frustrating first interaction with your partner about an issue and plan for how to have a more successful second interaction.

  • To make the program easy to apply to your relationship, you’ll have the option of entering partner’s first name which will then be inserted into specific questions asked and guidelines offered. The guidelines are for you only, and no record will be kept of the responses you choose, or the suggestions you receive while using the program.

    Every situation is unique and we suggest that you exercise judgment in determining the applicability of the guidelines offered in this program. The program is not intended to be a substitute for therapy, and if your relationship problems persist, we recommend that you contact the Couples Clinic to set up a counseling appointment.

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